Once upon a time I had a 3 ring binder, with page protectors. I printed out favorite recipes and put them in there. I also saved recipes to my laptop, in folders. In an effort to further confuse myself, I saved recipes to my Bookmarks folders on my laptop.

THEN, the devastating day happened. One of my favorite recipes ever disappeared. The link just would not work. The reason was because a magazine that I so loved called Wondertime was closed down and absorbed into a huge media conglomerate. They made the sad choice to kill the links to all the old Wondertime recipes. So many of them were fantastic.

It occurred to me that just because I have saved a link somewhere, if another person pulls the plug on it, then I can’t use it. If I print out a recipe, and stick it in a binder somewhere, what use is it to me if I can’t find it?

I decided to make a permanent archive of all our family’s favorite recipes. And don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. WordPress is happily, free.

So why am I going to all the trouble? Well, I wish my great-grandmother and grandmother had done this. I wish my mom had more than a few old recipes scratched on paper. I guess I’m the archiver of the family. Here I am simply collecting recipes with the alterations I’ve made to them, for the benefit of my family and for the future. If something happens to me one day, all these recipes will be here waiting, and those I love can know how much I loved them each time I cooked for them.

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